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Other Lives @ The Earl

As I was checking through concert listings I saw that Other Lives was playing a show @ The Earl. I had only recently become acquainted with the band but was interested in seeing them live. While I only recognized a few songs during their set it didn’t really matter because the music sounded fantastic, and I was pretty captivated. The five members of Other Lives work seamlessly as an ensemble, and at the same time, all five are obviously talented in their own specialties (violin, keys, trumpet, cello, drums…etc).

From under his tangled long locks and raggedy beard, Tabish delivered the lyrics with ease and a natural vulnerability. This is a listen and feel live show (as it should be), there’s not too much action on stage, not a lot of movement… besides the switching of instruments. But who needs stage antics when the music filling the room is soothing yet powerful and sweeping. Overall, Other Lives was stellar live and I for one would love to see them again.

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