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Four Tet @ Le Poisson Rouge

Four Tet has been a consistent resident of my headphones since I stumbled upon, “As Serious As Your Life,” a few years ago and I was beyond excited to finally hear his music live. On the other hand, I don’t really frequent shows that are driven by laptops, samplers and launchpads, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It kind of felt like a first date.

Hebden (Four Tet) started his set off gradually, taking his time to fill the cloudy air with melodic tunes. It seemed like he wanted to lull the crowd before sending them into a tizzy – how considerate. After about ten minutes into his set he flipped a switch, probably literally, and there was not one person standing still. This was especially true when “Love Cry” and ‘Angel Echoes” came pounding out of the speakers mashed together…I thought I might see some heads explode. This moment and “Sing” were the standouts from an overall stellar, non-stop performance.

There was definitely a contagious energy pulsing through the audience, and it didn’t stop until about 3:30am (thank you daylight savings). Actually, if it were up to the audience Hebden would have played until dawn. When he powered down his machines and bid the crowd adieu, chants of more started ringing out, but the show was over.

My expectations were far surpassed, and I look forward to seeing Four Tet again.

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