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Radio Moscow @ The Earl

radio-moscow-the-earlI went to see Radio Moscow last night @ The Earl in Atlanta and was a little shocked to find out they were not headlining. They were the second band in a three band gig, the venue was near empty but they still tore up their instruments and jammed out.  Apparently everyone in the tiny crowd was there to see Radio Moscow…and of course the main attraction, Mr. Parker Griggs.  Some dude saw me taking pictures and was like, “Hey, we drove here all the way from Tampa, Florida to see this show…take our picture.”  Which was kind of ironic because Tampa is where I initially saw Radio Moscow.

Anyway… they were amazing as expected, and when Parker announced it was time for their last song, the mesmerized  crowd became a tad irate and chanted for the band to stay on stage. As for the set, they played some older material such as Frustrating Sound and Mistreating Queen and introduced a few new songs off their upcoming album, Brain Cycles.

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Radio Moscow offering free download of, Broke Down

brain-cycles-rmBrain Cycles is Radio Moscow’s second album, due out on Alive Records, April 14th. After a full year on the road, Parker Griggs headed back into the studio to cut the follow-up to their self-title debut. On Brain Cycles he once again plays all the instruments (guitar, drums, and percussion) and assumes vocal duties as well as production credits, while the bass guitar is in the hands of young Zach Anderson.

I have not heard Brain Cycles in its entirety but from what I have heard, it is safe to say that Parker Griggs makes me feel like a mere mortal. He is a truly impressive musician.

Take A Listen: Broke Down by Radio Moscow

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Free Download: Broke Down by Radio Moscow (Right click on link and select “Save Target As” in IE or “Save Link As” in Firefox.)

If you like what you hear, I highly suggest going to a Radio Moscow show.  They are currently on tour…perhaps they are traveling to your neck of the woods.  Tour Dates

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Radio Moscow on tour with Sweden’s Dead Man

radio-moscowOne of my favorite live bands, Radio Moscow, is getting set to release their new album, Brain Cycles, which will be out on Alive Records April 14th.  But right now they are gearing up for a February tour of the states.  Radio Moscow is a must see, especially if you want to see someone manhandle a guitar in the most beautiful way.

Radio Moscow on tour with Sweden’s Dead Man
Feb 1 @ The Wedge – St Louis, MO
Feb 2 @ W.O. Wrights – Dayton, OH
Feb 4 @ Velvet Lounge – Washington DC
Feb 5 @  Union Pool – Brooklyn, NY
Feb 6 @ Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia PA
Feb 7 @ Talking Head Club – Baltimore, MD
Feb 8 @ Nara Sushi – Richmond, VA
Feb 9 @ Nightlight – Chapel Hill
Feb 10 @ The Earl – Atlanta, GA
Feb 11 @ JJ Bohemias – Chatanooga, TN
Feb 12 @ Skull Alley – Louisville, KY
Feb 13 @ Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
Feb 14 @ Riveria Theatre – Three Rivers, MI
Feb 15 @ Bourbon Street Cafe – Columbus, OH
Feb 17 @ Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
Feb 19 @ the Middle East Club Upstairs – Boston, MA
Feb 21 @ The Cake Shop – New York, NY
Feb 23 @ Dantes – Frostburg, MD

Radio Moscow – MySpace

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Radio Moscow @ New World Brewery


(Photo not taken by M.Snitch)

After listening to Radio Moscow’s debut album I was immediately intrigued and knew that I had to see them play live. Walking into this show as a relatively new Radio Moscow fan, my knowledge was limited, they are from Iowa and their guitar player is insanely phenomenal, that’s all I had. So when Radio Moscow took the stage, I was utterly shocked…they are so young to possess this amount of talent. Yes, the vast majority of bands start out in their younger years but Radio Moscow’s music is so marinated, so mature, so classic, so intense!

Within the first few minutes, my shock faded into amazement. Griggs, played the guitar as if it was an extension of his body, like an extra appendage he was born with and mastered with little effort. Hendrix would no doubt be proud. Although it was difficult to take my eyes off the guitar, the drummer was beckoning for some well deserved attention. He was wailing so hard on the drums and exuding so much energy that he inhaled water bottles like he was a sea creature.

Radio Moscow’s set seemed very intimate, like they were sharing a well kept secret with the audience. Overall, Radio Moscow is one of the best live shows Music Snitch has ever had the pleasure to review. It was Rock ‘N Roll in the purest of forms. These talented young fellows spawning from Middle America have the potential to make some big waves in a small pool.

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Radio Moscow’s Griggs Trippy Rock

Published on May 14, 2007, by in Albums & Artists.


It seems as if Parker Griggs stepped out of a time machine into the wrong era of music, this is not the 60’s. Although many bands have tried to emulate the psychedelic rock vibe, which was epitomized by the legendary Jimi Hendrix, few can pull it off like Radio Moscow. On their self-titled debut, Radio Moscow infused trippy rock with heartfelt blues and created a sound of unadulterated instrumental taunts. Although their music has structure, it seems so impulsive and that’s the beauty of Radio Moscow. It doesn’t really matter if there is a paved path because their destination can be reached without a map.

The vocals are extremely sparse on this album but Griggs’ guitar more than makes up for the missing lyrics. However, when he does decide to sing, Griggs’ voice does seem to mesh exceedingly well with their tunes, it’s patchy yet rather smooth. I’m sure much of their sound was inspired by the producer and engineer of the album, who just so happens to be Dan Auerbach, of The Black Keys but the brainchild of Radio Moscow is undoubtedly, Parker Griggs. This 22 year old hailing from Iowa, could possibly be considered a rock guitar prodigy. Not beating around the bush though, if you are not a fan of levitating guitar rifts and extended solos, Radio Moscow might not be your cup of tea. However, I recommend giving their music a taste, you might be surprised. Stand Out Tracks: Frustrating Sound, Whatever Happened, Timebomb

Note: Consider this album as an appetizer for their live show. Radio Moscow will blow your mind live.

Radio Moscow’s WebSite

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