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Stream Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album on MySpace

yeah-yeah-yeahsBeginning today MySpace will be streaming the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ new album, It’s Blitz in its entirety…giving fans a chance to preview it days before the album is available for purchase.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs revealed the title of this album back in January 2009 through a cartoon drawing on their MySpace Music profile and exclusively premiered their latest single Zero for their friends and fans on MySpace. It’s Blitz is the group’s 3rd studio album. Additionally, lead singer Karen O released new music from her recently created side-project under the name Native Korean Rock & The Fishnets exclusively on MySpace Music.

To stream It’s Blitz visit the band’s official MySpace profile at: http://www.myspace.com/yeahyeahyeahs.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ The State Theater

At least now I understand why the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the toast of the Big Apple. This band represents a dying breed…the quintessential rock band. With the female version of Iggy Pop at the helm and projecting more energy than a solar powered roof, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs seem to be at home on a stage.

Whether she was flaying around, spouting fake blood from her mummy like outfit or spraying water about, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs front-woman was captivating and rather smile provoking. If you like what you hear while listening to their album, go see them live. If you don’t like what you hear whilst listening to their album, go see them live… you may just change your mind.